Thursday, January 5, 2012

Crochet Angry Bird hat

Who knew I can make this Angry Bird hat after teaching myself how to crochet in just a couple of weeks. I started out knitting because a couple of my friend said that it was easier to knit. Well, it wasn't easier for me. I tried and it felt easy to hold two needles but there wasn't much I can do except make scarves. So I gave up and took up crocheting. I found great youtube video on how to make and Angry Bird Hat. I posted pictures of my finished work on my Facebook wall and it was a hit. Even people who I never hear from started commenting on how great it turned out. I was thrilled everybody wants to know if I can make them one. I just got started so it took me about 4 days to finish one hat so it wasn't cost effective to go into business doing it. So I decided to make it for people who would donate $30 to one of the local charity. The Pregnancy Help Center. if you like to have me make it for you too let me know.

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