Sunday, April 21, 2013

18'' Apron Doll Dress

There was a sale on fabric as well as patterns so I went and got this cute pattern for a doll dress.  I just love the girl prints.  I just have boys to sew for so I decided to get a doll and sew clothes for it plus I think it would make great b-day gifts for a little girl who plays with dolls.  This pattern from Simplicity is for an 18'' size doll.  As this was my first time working with this pattern or any pattern for that matter, I didn't take pictures.  I will update with picture tutorial.  Just wanted to quickly jot something down for my blog.  I like to sell these and wonder if there is a market for them.  Or would people only buy them if it also comes with matching little girl's dress.  What are your thoughts?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Letter Name Baby Taggie

Babies love to chew on tags and I just love this idea of making tag with a personal touch.  I made this one with the first initial of my baby's name.  It was very quick and easy to make definitely a beginner's project that is sure to please.  Pick your coordinated print fabric.  I chose this robot one from Hobby Lobby and on the reverse side I use a softer flannel with construction vehicle prints found at Joann's.  This article suggest that you just print out block letters from your computer then use that as a template.  I love this idea from All Free Sewing.  However, I didn't want the letter to be too small if it was printed out of a printer.  The letter "N" was easy to do I just use a ruler to make the template.  You could also use your electronic die cut machine (mine is a Cricut Expression) to cut out the letters.  Remember that you would want to reverse the letter for second side.
then you want to pin the tags to the right side of the heavier weight fabric.  You want to make sure that the head of your pin is position on the inside rather than the other edge.  This will make it easier for you to remove the pin after it's sewn.  
Now you lay your other side piece right side together.  Pin it and sew all the edges leaving a space about 2'' to make it easier for you to turn your project right side out.  Remove the pins.  
Now iron your piece to give you a guide of where to sew the opening closed.  Continue to topstitch all the way around.  That's it! you're done.  
Enjoy my Baby!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reversible Baby Sling Carrier Tutorial

This is the best youtube video out there on how to make this pouch sling.  I added additional batting to the bottom side edge for additional comfort when the baby's leg when it's in the side carry position.

Easy Pleasey Tutorial for Sewing Pants

We donated lots of baby clothes so by the time our third came along he didn't have size 6-12mos clothes.  He needed some pants quick and I found this oh so super easy pattern that can be done in countless fabric patterns to make for girls or boys.  The same concept can be use to make larger size pants.  This is my version of adding adjustable elastic waste band.  Thanks to this neat pants tutorial.  I made this from left over brown jersey knit fabric that was use to make a type of Moby Wrap sling .  Click on the link for tutorial on how to make it.

Super Easy virtually No Sew Baby Wrap

This is sturdy and super easy to make.  All you need is a jersey knit type fabric. 5 1/2 to 6 yards depending on how tall you are.  I'm under 5 ft. so I just needed 5 yards.  Remember to wash your fabric first because cotton knit will shrink.  Don't bother to iron out the curve edges as it ties up anyways.  When you buy by the yard it's usually 45'' long so just cut lengthwise this will leave you with two wraps.  One for yourself and one for a friend.  If you like to add a decorative front piece you can just cut a rectangular piece of coordinated fabric.  I use this cotton calico fabric print from Hobby Lobby.  Just pin the print right side down center to the brown jersey wrap and sew 1/4 inch across the top and 1/4'' across the bottom.  Then pull the two long side through this will turn it right side out.  How to wear your baby wrap.
Since I only use a rectangle calico print I had enough to make another type of baby carrier.  I made the Pouch Sling Carrier

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cars Messenger Activity Mat Pattern and Tutorial

I've seen different activity mats for boys to carry and play with their cars.  My little boy loves to take his cars with him wherever he goes.  I'm a beginner when it comes to sewing but I can sew straight lines and that is all you'll need to know to get started on my version of the car messenger activity mat.
Materials: 8x11 papers (recycled from my son's homework)
--Two coordinated medium weight fabric less than a yard each.
--One yard slightly stretchy fabric (mine is sage in the photo) the reason for it being slightly stretchy is         so that you can store the little cars in the pockets.
--1/3 yard of Route 66 fabric
1/4 or 1/3 of black fabric.  I used broadcloth because it was on sale
--set of D rings and nylon strap
--magnetic snap closure
--light fusible interface 2x2 (two piece) this will be use for the magnetic snap
--stiff batting to help it keep it's shape
--fabric paint in white (to make the street)
--scraps of construction print fabric for street lights
--No Sew Heat and Bond
--scrap of elastic
--scraps of felt for the gas station/car wash

With the 8x11 paper create your pattern template.

I made it so that the sides will fold in and the bottom fold up.  The top will fold down.  Lay your main fabric wrong side together with the pattern on top and cut leaving 1/4'' for seam allowances.
The top fold I cut in a contrasting print.
Now pin where you want the street to go and sew that into place.  Next you want to cut out the different city and sew that into the blocks.
Next I cut a 11.5 X 2.5 strip of stretchy fabric to make the pockets for the cars to be store in.  I saw the idea on pinterest
Now is the time to also add anything else you like.  I added a gas station with car wash made out of scraps of felt.  I cut a tiny strip of ribbon for the pump.  I didn't sew the gas pump down.  I use Heat and Bond to make them stick to the fabric.  I use Heat and Bond to apply the numbers to the pockets.  I had these numbers left over from when I made the Monthly Onesies.  I sew on the elastic creating loops with them.  You space them according to what else your son may want to take along with him.  I made mine to fit the larger construction vehicles.
now you can follow the rest of the tutorial from gingercake messenger bag.  However watch where you will position your top piece.  It should be modified to be center up top not to the side.  
Once you have all your pieces sew together and turned inside out.  Before topstitching close the opening where you turned your project out.  You want to insert the stiff batting into each piece including the center.  I thought of using boning but I couldn't find any at my local Hobby Lobby.
Last step is to add details if you like.  I use Heat and Bond to adhere the street lights and traffic signs.  
With white fabric paint I added the lines for the street and let dry overnight.  
You're welcome to make it and sell it please link back to my blog though.