Saturday, September 7, 2013

Troubleshooting Brother SE400 "Upper Thread Breaking"

Oh my goodness this Brother machine gave me headaches.  It's so picky unlike my older model Kenmore (noisy machine).  Well, I've youtube and I checked the tension.  I just didn't understand why sometimes my machine would fine and then it wouldn't.  For me it was an easy fix.  #1 the problem could be the type of needles use because I forgot to switch out the embroidery needle for the sewing needle.  Needle sizes.  #2 Improper thread type on the machine spool.  I have a mini king spool embroidery thread that was small enough to fit on the machine but it was best to get the thread stand for it.  Just to be safe I added the mesh netting that came free w/ the SE 400.  #3 It could be that the thread you use is fine but the spool that it's on has jagged edge around the edges or the caps.  In this case I filed down the part that stuck out.  Sometimes I put the spool in direction and I place the other end in at other times.  When the jagged edge was place facing in first the thread didn't break because there wasn't anything to catch on.  But if the jagged edge was showing then when the thread feed through it would break.  This explained why sometimes when working on a project it worked and other times it didn't even though I used the same spool of thread.  I have a youtube video to show you want I mean.  Here is the link.  There were suggestions that maybe the thread quality was to blame and you have to buy the expensive name brand or even the Brothers brand.  I'm glad to tell you that for me this was not the case.  I just got my beautiful, high quality but inexpensive embroidery thread set from  I get my normal sewing thread from Hobby Lobby or JoAnns just Coats and Clark I believe is the brand.  Of course I used my 40% coupons.  Also check out my other trouble shooting tips for lower embroidery thread showing through your project.  click here

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