Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sewing projects: nursing cover

I am expecting another baby but we didn't plan on having anymore kids and I've already donated all my baby goods.  Well, I didn't want to spent any $ buying the much needed nursing cover.  Well, I'm happy to say I found a youtube tutorial on how to make a nursing cover.  A bit complicated at the end of the video which I'll clarify for you.  Ok so when it gets to the last bit about measuring 10" from both side to place your straps.  The center of your strap should be where you mark 10".  Make sure you have 16" between the two straps for your boning.  Get the boning that doesn't come w/a liner as those get bunched up when you try to thread the boning through.  My next one I think I'll modify it to make the boning shorter as I don't like to have such a huge opening.  But these weren't hard to make at all.  Cost over all was under $10.  Fabric pattern I got at Hobby Lobby.  They do sell boning there in a pack not by the yard like JoAnn.  Some think that it's stiffer to get size 1/2 for boning but it was darn near impossible to find anywhere.  However the 1/4 works just fine.

Sewing Projects: Fabric High Chair

I saw a fabric high chair featured on Stealbaby while checking out facebook.  I thought it was  great idea.  So I went online searching for a pattern and what I found was even better than what I originally saw.  I ended up making two fabric travel high chair in a day.  One as a gift and the other for my son.  I found the pattern and very clear direction on youtube.  Here is the link:  hope you have fun making yours and it was really easy.  The patterns I got was from Hobby Lobby.  I modified from the youtube video in that I didn't use any batting lining.  Instead I chose quilting fabric for the interior side.  You could chose a fancy pattern quilt fabric for the outside.  But they were too costly for me.  I used gift wrap paper that has the grid on the back side and that what I use to cut out my patterns.  Then I lay down my fabric to measure, pin, and cut.