Saturday, November 23, 2013

DIY Fabric Babygate, love it!

We need to install a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs but my husband hates to drill holes in the wall and he doesn't want to mess with the stair case.  We tried different ways to block the stairs but our little guy is such a climber.  I'm so glad I saw this idea on pinterest and I had some fabric on hand that would make it cost effective.
  Here is the link.  Instead of using batting I had some quilting fabric which already has a light batting in it.  I really like the duct print I got from Hobby Lobby it makes it look like an iron gate.  

I also saw this other one where she added ribbons instead of velcro.
  we used ottoman to block the base of the stairs  but he would push it out and climb up still.  So we weigh down the ottoman and found him climbing over it.  
 we added a gate but he found a way to wedge himself through.  We couldn't secure this gate down without also blocking out our other preschooler.  The front entrance look a mess.  So I'm really glad we saw this idea of a fabric gate not for the top of the stairs of course but for the bottom I think it works.  
 I have a Brother SE400 with is a sewing and embroidery machine.  So I embroidered some Bible verses I found for free online.  Free downloads link .

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