Saturday, July 5, 2014

Embroidered Toilet paper designs

When I saw this I laughed and laughed so funny and cute.  It's certain to be a conversational gift ideas for all occasions.  Who knew that you can embroider on toilet paper.  I will provide you with tutorials on how to get it done.

  I saw this from the designer on one of my facebook group.  I asked if she made them herself and she said she did design them.  I was so tickled that you can embroider on toilet paper.  This is her etsy link there are lots more really funny saying to pick from.  Here is how I did it.  I use Charmin Ultra Strong tissue paper.  I use two sheets of tear away stabilizers that I hooped in the 4x4.  Then I just float the toilet paper over the stabilizers using my grid to know where to place it.  That's all there is to it.  Oh and just cut around the stabilizer so that it follows the perimeter of the tissue square behind the design.  Keep the stabilizers on.  I embroidered on the third sheet in the roll which works best to be able to wrap it around again, so that the design is in the middle.

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  1. Those turned out awesome! I seen them in a search I was looking at!