Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DIY Nerf/ Dart Ammo Belt with Buckles closures easy project

Hi everybody if you have a little boy who loves Nerf war then you have to make him an ammo belt.

It's not good to go into a Nerf War and run out of ammo especially when it comes to parents vs. kids.  Parents have no mercy lol.  I say Nerf but really I find that their products aren't superior to any other generic brand toy dart guns that are sold at ToysRUs, Walmart or Ross.  Nerf products are a lot more expensive than the generic brands and we've own all types and they all work the same.  The differences are the dart sizes.  There are SLIGHT differences which makes them not interchangeable.  I've accounted for this difference in making the ammo belt to work with all dart sizes whether it's the generic brand or the Nerf brand.  First of all the Nerf brand blue darts are slight longer which will cause them to jam if you try to fit them into other brands guns.  However, I've notice that the generic brands all work pretty well with each other even with a tiny bit longer darts.
Materials you'll need are:
1. long scraps of fabrics.  I used old cut up jeans for the main portion of the belt as it is sturdy material.
Measure diagonally to determine the size of the strap you want.  Leave a section for the belt buckles.  The width of this folder strap should be slighter larger than the added ribbon camouflage pattern that holds the dart itself.
2. Belt buckles
 I bought this one from Hobby Lobby.  They frequently have 50% off on Sewology brands so stock up!
3. 1" Nylon straps
4. Ribbons.  I used size 1.5"x 5yrd GRN/BRN camouflage pattern 
5. Elastic strap.  I use a tan color to coordinate with the camouflage pattern
6.  Coordinating threads

Now let's get started with the sewing project.  Make sure that your material is right side out. Step #1 Lay out your elastic strap making sure to fold it over and tuck it under the folder ribbon strap.  Sew this into place first.  Then measure using the magazine holder to determine the perfect fit.  Take out the magazine and sew a straight line.  Repeat again for second magazine slot or other weapons.  Step # 2 is to take your dart.  I recommend using the generic brand darts to measure since they are slightly bigger so it'll fit the bigger size as well as the thinner Nerf brand.  Pull the dart out and sew a straight line.  Repeat these steps till the hold straps is covered.  Step #3 fold your material in half right side together and zig zag stitch straight down leaving a quarter inch un sewn at the ends of the denim strap.  I used the Overcast foot on my Brothers sewing machine similar to the serger foot.  Step #4 turn inside out, tuck in the ends and add on the nylon straps and sew that on to close the hole.  Step #5 is to follow direction on how to sew the buckle in place from the male and female end. The strap should be able to pull to be adjustable to different wearers. 

 you probably noticed with this second one I worked backward and added the ribbons first then added the elastic straps for the magazines.  Either way works.  

I used a lighter to burn of the ends of the cut nylon so that it will not fray.  Fold 1/4inch then sew in place.Video visual for you on youtube.  I have to give credit to another blogger for the idea of using ribbons to hold the ammo.  I just modify it to be a camouflage pattern for a cooler effect.


  1. I can't wait to try this! Thanks for sharing your talents!!

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