Friday, March 21, 2014

American Revolution flash cards

I decided to homeschool and was glad that there are so many resources completely free to parents.  I practically visit the local library several times a week.  There are many online links for parents to download and help supplement their children's education so teaching can be a breeze.  I saw this set of the popular "I have You have" flash cards covering the American Revolution that included the historical figures, main battles, events leading up to the revolution etc.  Before laminating the sheets to make them sturdier, I printed them out in black and white and color coordinated them from the question with the answer card.

 Along with this set I borrow from the local library the DVD series called Liberty along with the book.  I find it fascinating how they use historical letters and writings to portray the historical figures and events.

Homeschool Classroom projects

I started homeschooling in the middle of the school year and am glad that there are so many resources available to parents most are completely free.
I found this very interesting classroom board.  Here is a look at her blog  lots of information that can get you motivated.  I just love the idea of using coins to make the date since it's a great way to reinforce learning about money.  She also has great links to where you can print out Bible Verses too, like the one I have there.  I like the Date board but found that it was hard for me to hang the flip pages so I just decided to laminate blank pages for the Day, Month, Date and Year. It can be wipe off easily (I use baby wipes for this) and dry eraser markers.  I used what I had on hand which were scrapbooking refill clear page protectors.  I cut them so that they can both fit 8x10 sheet of paper but I glue the back down so that the openings face each other.  This way if I had a sheet of paper that needed to be display horizontally I can slip it into both protectors.

 nothing fancy I just glue everything down with permanent glue runner from Hobby Lobby Ad tech brand.  The Regional map of the 50 States is absolutely free to print out.