Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to hem jeans/pants keeping the original stitch hemline.

It's hard for me to find pants that fit me at the right length. Petite Sophisticated went out of business so now it's even more difficult to find the right pant size. I remember a friend of mine in CA, Sharon, who paid to have her pants hemmed. She said that they didn't just cut it and hem it up. The hem like looks just like the original. Well, I think there is a technique that will cover that. I am not a seamstress so I don't know what the right terms are but it's not hard to follow. I'll demonstrate it here. I took my son's pants that was too long for him and I folded it to the length that would fit. Then I measure up about 1/2 inch from that folded line (that's the same measurement as the original hemline). I folded the pants again using the new marker. Then I just sew along the stitch line. I then tug in the pants and it is done. I have a video on youtube here to illustrate better.

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