Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Elf on The Shelf a Sealed Letter from Santa

I never really paid attention to this until this year when I notice quite a few of my friend on Facebook posting photos of all the things their elves were up to. They look like they were having so much fun and who doesn't want to join in on the fun.  So I looked all over and they were all the same in terms of the adoption fee.  I think getting it mail directly was a cool idea since it included everything needed and no need to print stuff out from your own computer.  However, I also like a good deal.  Bed Bath and Beyond offer the elf for adoption and allows you to use your coupon ;-)
I introduce the elf to the children without touching him.  It was later in the evening so I had to wait to register him but my internet provider serve failed so I was not able to print it that night to have for them in the morning.  But that gave me additional time to make the authentication even more special.  Later that day I showed them the kids the Adoption Certificate and the special sealed letter straight from the North Pole from Santa.  My kids both agreed to name the elf Jerry after their favorite cartoon character from Tom and Jerry. lol
I also found this great link to a wonderful mom who thought of ways to incorporate faith and holiday tradition.  She also included a special letter from Santa to explain how the elf will teach them more about Jesus and the true meaning of giving and Christmas.  Elf On The Shelf Jesus Style  you can click and print out your own letter.
 Certificate of Adoption when you register your elf at Elf on The Shelf
 Day 1: Our Jerry elf hanging on the Nutcracker lol.
I can't wait to show you what Jerry will be up tomorrow.