Sunday, April 21, 2013

18'' Apron Doll Dress

There was a sale on fabric as well as patterns so I went and got this cute pattern for a doll dress.  I just love the girl prints.  I just have boys to sew for so I decided to get a doll and sew clothes for it plus I think it would make great b-day gifts for a little girl who plays with dolls.  This pattern from Simplicity is for an 18'' size doll.  As this was my first time working with this pattern or any pattern for that matter, I didn't take pictures.  I will update with picture tutorial.  Just wanted to quickly jot something down for my blog.  I like to sell these and wonder if there is a market for them.  Or would people only buy them if it also comes with matching little girl's dress.  What are your thoughts?

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