Friday, November 8, 2013

DIY giant Pom Pom hangers

These were part of my Candy Land Theme "Gum Drop Mountains"
they took about 5 minutes to make.  What you'll need:  Tissue paper (any color you like), something to tie with.  I used fishing lines makes it have an invisible string when dangling.  Also use pipe cleaner to tie and make a circle to loop the string through.
  I just lay all the tissue paper that comes in a pack evenly on top of each other.  About ten sheets.  Then I accordion fold them together 
  Then I folded it down the middle.
 I tied the pipe cleaner and made a circular loop to put my fish line through to hang later.  
It is rather thick to cut through the whole thing so cut a few at a time.  Cut one side then the other into any shape you like.  I did a scallop shape here.  
Next you'll fold one sheet down at a time.  Starting with one side then the other side.  Flip it over and do the other end.  You'll have a big pom pom afterward but you'll need to hang it or else it'll get misshapen.  I saw it on a youtube link I'll add once I can find it again.  

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