Friday, September 13, 2013

Trouble Shooting Brothers SE400 Bobbin thread showing through

This is an update to my earlier post  Brothers machines is a pain in that it's so picking what works for one person doesn't work for another person.  My friend can get away with using just her spool that attaches to the machine but she has to use only certain type of spools shape.  She can't use the normal cylinder spool.  Well
 I found out another quirk to the Brothers machine is that your lower bobbin thread that is white will show though on the machine only because it's on a thread stand.  See the difference it's like magic.  I put it the exact same spool on the thread stand and wow it all works perfectly.  So no need to hunt down "special brand of threads" that your machine is particular to.  Put it on thread stand first.  I'm curious to know what other quirks you've notice with your machine.  I bought the heavy duty cast iron thread stand not the plastic lightweight JoAnn's brand.

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