Friday, May 24, 2013

Easy Pleasy pants with suspenders

for a pattern I just trace a pair of pants that he currently fit into.  I cut out a pattern on cardboard so I don't have to pin thin paper to the fabric in order to cut.  Usually I would use give wrap papers since they have a grid on the wrong side.  The different with this pants and the earlier version is that the elastic waist band is only half way around the back.  The front is straight with button holes for the suspender.  Notice that the front piece of the pant legs I tapered it on the top since it will be flat with no elastic running through it.  I don't have a serger so I use an overcast foot which gives the look of a serger.  Sew the front leg pieces together from the crotch to the top of the pants.  do the same with the back pants legs.  Then with right side together sew from one pant leg all the way to pass the crotch area down to the other pants leg.  Clear pictures I saw on this tutorial here.  Cut two long straps for the suspender.  I saw this idea here I made the mistake of making the straps too short so I added another section to it.  I like the look plus when he outgrows it's it's faster to just take this part out and add longer length.  I also make it longer and just move the placement of the button as needed.  The button hole foot was extremely easy to use.  Last I just roll up the pant leg and stitch the cuffs.  I am going to make matching pants with  pockets for the older siblings.  I got carried away sewing and didn't stop to take more pictures as I go.  I will update with more photos when I make more.

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