Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sewing Projects: Fabric High Chair

I saw a fabric high chair featured on Stealbaby while checking out facebook.  I thought it was  great idea.  So I went online searching for a pattern and what I found was even better than what I originally saw.  I ended up making two fabric travel high chair in a day.  One as a gift and the other for my son.  I found the pattern and very clear direction on youtube.  Here is the link:  hope you have fun making yours and it was really easy.  The patterns I got was from Hobby Lobby.  I modified from the youtube video in that I didn't use any batting lining.  Instead I chose quilting fabric for the interior side.  You could chose a fancy pattern quilt fabric for the outside.  But they were too costly for me.  I used gift wrap paper that has the grid on the back side and that what I use to cut out my patterns.  Then I lay down my fabric to measure, pin, and cut.

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