Thursday, February 2, 2012

Crochet Chocolate Kisses and detachable beard hat

Let me tell you I had so much fun making this project in time for Valentines Day. I saw this chocolate hat on Pea Pod Accessories on Facebook. I made the hat using the tutorial for "How to Make an Elf's Hat" by Bobwilson 123 on youtube. I just skip the tail part and started working a 6 hdc into a magic circle. Then I just follow the rest of the instruction on the video tutorial. Clare also provided written instruction. Yes, we're on first name basis now since I also follow her on Facebook. After I was done with the hat I added a ribbon with the printed word KISSES on there, like the chocolate kisses. I may go back and color in the words red for Valentines Day. I made one for each of my boys. **edit** To custom fit for different size head just measure the circumference of the crown of the head. Where the side start to go straight down. Work your increases up to that point only and continue with straight stitches till it measure down pass the ear a bit. At least I like mine below the ear a bit in case it shrinks in the wash.
I also made a detachable beard to go with my older son's hat. He can wear it alone or with the hat and I also gave it a try and it fits :-). I used a size J/10 6.00mm hook and Baby Bee Pitter Patter Eyelash Yarn in chocolate.

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